Muscle Fibers

muscle fiber


As you’ve probably guessed by now, our website is dedicated to getting stronger and bettering your body through training. We have given you plenty of methods to train yourself, but we have left a lot of the science of training out of our posts. As a result of this realization, we have decided to share some information that may aid you in what kind of training to choose. In this post, we will be discussing the concept of different kinds of muscle fibers. Did you know that there are different kinds of fibers that exist and can develop within the same muscle for different uses? Read on to find out more!



The first kind of muscle fibers that we would like to discuss is fast muscle fibers. These have a quick reaction time and are the fibers that are used in sprinting and heavy lifting. The way that these fibers work is that they often use anaerobic metabolism, which means that they do not use oxygen to function. This is very convenient in a pinch, but is not sustainable because it is very inefficient (think about it! You can’t sprint forever).


The other kind of muscle fibers is slow twitch. These kinds of fibers use oxygen to generate energy. While this is much more efficient and sustainable, it is not as powerful as the metabolism of the fast twitch fibers. As a result, slow twitch fibers are more commonly used for lower energy activities such as jogging or light lifting.

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