Designing Your Gym



We’ve talked about cardio. We’ve talked about improving your concentration. We’ve talked about breathing. Now, you are ready for training. Some of you have been training now for a while, and we commend you for that.

If you have decided that you are committed to hardcore training, then you definitely need to have your own gym. There is no other way of getting around it. This post is intended to help you with the ins and outs of setting up your own gym. Read on to find out more about having your own training space.

Your Space


Every gym needs a spot to have weights. Weight training is essential for building maximum strength. Obviously, it would be great to have all kinds of weights available at your fingertips, but we realize that this is not possible for everyone. After all, buying weights can get really expensive! So, we’ve weighed out your options (pardon the pun) and have concluded that to do a lot, you do not need that much.

It is essential that you get a bench with a bar and pairs of weights that go up to forty five pounds. If you have more resources available to you, then we also advise for you to get some barbels as well. This way, you can work your chest, your back, and your arms. If you can get some sort of rack, then you can also work your legs with squats and such.

Other fixtures

There are a host of other objects that you will need in your gym to complete your work out regimen. One thing that you should have in your gym space is a large mirror. This will help you ensure that you are maintaining proper form when you are lifting weights. It is also encouraging so that you can see your progress. Having a pull up bar is also a great addition to any gym. This will help you with your lats and other muscles when you do pull ups. The last basic thing to have in your gym is a mat. This will help you do stretching and also any planks or core exercises you might have.

Your own building

If you have decided that your training will be a life long pursuit, you might need your own building to create the ultimate training space. If you have property and are building from the ground up, you might find a good land clearing company to hire. They’ll need to know how to take out dying trees¬†as well as clear the perimeter of your building. This could include removing big branches leaning over the house.

There are a lot of things to consider when making a gym. Hopefully this gets you off to a good start!

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