In a previous post, we talked about ways that you can replenish your body. We discussed how sleep is a very important part of recovery after a hard day of training. Obviously we still stand by this and consider this to be very essential. However, there are also some other pertinent aspects of body recovery. Today, we have decided to talk about some of the foods that you should be eating when you are doing intense training. Foods provide some necessary nutrients that your body needs in order to rebuild and get stronger. Read on to find out more about foods and nutrients in training!



As you may have already heard, protein is a must if you are involved in heavy exercise. Protein comes in handy especially when you are lifting weights with the intention of building muscle. When you lift heavy weights, your muscles break down. When you get sore the next day, that is because your muscles are rebuilding themselves. In doing this, your body needs proteins to use as building blocks. Consequently, you will need to ensure you have a sufficient amount of protein in your diet. Some great foods that you can eat to replenish your proteins are meat, fish, and eggs. These are great rich sources of protein.

If you are going the vegetarian rout, you can consider things like beans, nuts, and spinach. These are some natural, meat free sources of protein that will help your body to replenish itself.

Stay tuned for more nutrient posts!

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